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Meandering Waveguide Distributed Feedback Lightwave Circuits

By: Dag, C.B.; Serpenguzel, A.; Anil, M.A.;

2015 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Journal - Communication, Networking and Broadcast Technologies - Meandering waveguide distributed feedback structures are introduced as novel integrated photonic lightwave circuit elements, and analyzed in the frequency domain by the transfer matrix method. The directional coupling of the electromagnetic field occurs at the meander coupling points. The meandering loop mirror is the building block of all meandering waveguide-based lightwave circuit elements. The simplest uncoupled meandering distributed feedback structure exhibits Rabi splitting in the transmittance spectrum. The symmetric and antisymmetric coupled meandering distributed feedback geometries can be utilized as bandpass, Fano, or Lorentzian filters or Rabi splitters. Meandering waveguide distributed feedback structures with a variety of spectral responses can be designed for a variety of lightwave circuit element functions.