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A smart communication gateway for V2I applications in Public Transport

By: Cochet, P.; Anjary, A.; George, L.; Agueh, M.; Jomaa, M.; El Merrouni Alami, D.; Sciandra, V.; Gharbi, W.;

2012 / IEEE / 978-1-4673-1269-1


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' A smart communication gateway for V2I applications in Public Transport ' In this paper, we present a smart gateway which improves communication between future Public Transport vehicles and their back-offices. This gateway implements context based wireless access network selection and improves end-toend communication Quality of Service (QoS) responding by this way to the requirements of the new intelligent transportation systems architecture developed in Europe through the European Bus System of the Future (EBSF) project. This Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows resource sharing such as Vehicle to Infrastructure communications (V2I). We show that the proposed smart gateway respond to the requirements of the EBSF project and going straightforward we demonstrate its effectiveness in an alarm scenario which is a critical scenario that the gateway has to handle.