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A Distributed Reconfigurable Active SSD Platform for Data Intensive Applications

By: Saghir, M.A.R.; Ali, A.; Abbani, N.; Hajj, H.; Awad, M.; Al Otoom, D.; Akkary, H.; Artail, H.; Sharafeddine, M.; Jomaa, M.;

2011 / IEEE / 978-1-4577-1564-8


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' A Distributed Reconfigurable Active SSD Platform for Data Intensive Applications ' In this paper, we propose to combine active solid state drives and reconfigurable FPGAs into a storage-compute node to use as a building block in a distributed, high performance computation platform for data intensive applications. We propose a complete framework for middleware functionality through an API abstraction layer that hides the complexity of accessing and processing data stored on these distributed nodes, thus allowing programmers to focus on the application, and not the underlying specialized architecture. The application in turn is re-architected to maximize its performance by delegating selected computations down to the storage-compute node. We present preliminary results measured on a real hardware prototype of a single-node. These results show that our proposed architecture provides more than a 2x improvement in performance over non-reconfigurable active-disk architectures that use electromechanical disks for storage and a 6x improvement in performance over a platform that performs the computation on the middle server.