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WiiEMG: A real-time environment for control of the Wii with surface electromyography

By: Armiger, R.S.; Oppenheim, H.; Vogelstein, R.J.;

2010 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-5308-5


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' WiiEMG: A real-time environment for control of the Wii with surface electromyography ' We have developed a hardware and software platform, the WiiEMG, for controlling the Wii"" video game console with surface electromyography (EMG). WiiEMG is intended to assist with training and performance assessment of myoelectric control of upper arm prostheses. For this application, a player wears skin surface electrodes over myoelectric control sites. A real-time signal analysis system acquires amplified EMG signals and classifies the activity patterns associated with different motions. In addition, the amplitude of this pattern is used as a velocity signal, which is differentiated to give acceleration. Finally, a scaled version of this acceleration value is input as an analog voltage into a modified Wiimote"" in place of the normal accelerometer, and the Wiimote communicates the data to the console. To evaluate the system's performance, six able-bodied subjects were used to test the WiiEMG by playing the game Wii Tennis"" using myoelectric control. Results are reported that show how users develop improved EMG control after only a few brief trials. Improved muscle and EMG control has the potential to benefit myoelectric limb use as well as motor skills rehabilitation.