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Developing the evaluating metrics of mobile multicast

By: Xiang Zhaozheng; Luo Yuanjun;

2010 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-5517-1


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Developing the evaluating metrics of mobile multicast ' To further advance the popular deployment of the mobile multicast, there are still many obstacles needing to conquer. One significant issue is to provide the quantitative evaluation of the mobile multicast to convenience the pricing and feedback control of the system, and moreover, to convenience the estimation of the mobile multicast protocol and the improvement of the more practical and optimal algorithm. This paper proposes a rudimentary two-aspect structure of the mobile multicast evaluation metrics, one is the measure standard of estimating the mobile multicast environment, the other is the measure standard of evaluating the mobile multicast protocols. Following the concepts, we also give out computational formula of the key factors of the two metrics. These will make a fundamental basis on quantifiable measurement of mobile multicast.