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Developing a Dark Web collection and infrastructure for computational and social sciences

By: Roberts, N.; Denning, D.; Larson, C.A.; Ximing Yu; Yan Dang; Hsinchun Chen; Li Fan; Chun-Neng Huang; Shuo Zeng; Yulei Zhang;

2010 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-6446-3


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Developing a Dark Web collection and infrastructure for computational and social sciences ' In recent years, there have been numerous studies from a variety of perspectives analyzing the Internet presence of hate and extremist groups. Yet the websites and forums of extremist and terrorist groups have long remained an underutilized resource for terrorism researchers due to their ephemeral nature and access and analysis problems. The purpose of the Dark Web archive is to provide a research infrastructure for use by social scientists, computer and information scientists, policy and security analysts, and others studying a wide range of social and organizational phenomena and computational problems. The Dark Web Forum Portal provides web enabled access to critical international jihadist and other extremist web forums. The focus of this paper is on the significant extensions to previous work including: increasing the scope of data collection, adding an incremental spidering component for regular data updates; enhancing the searching and browsing functions; enhancing multilingual machine-translation for Arabic, French, German and Russian; and advanced Social Network Analysis. A case study on identifying active participants is shown at the end.