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Emitter location via joint 3-D parametric estimation

By: Marple, S.L.; Ohm, D.R.;

2009 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-5827-1


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Emitter location via joint 3-D parametric estimation ' Separating and locating each digital communication signal in a dense signal environment is often impossible using traditional two-parameter FDOA/TDOA joint estimation tools. The conventional 2-D tools produce biased estimates when multiple emitters are located spatially close to each other and share the same regions of the spectrum at the same time. By adding a third parameter for the joint estimation, we show how to achieve separation and localization not possible with conventional 2-D tools. In this paper, a new 3-D joint estimation tool called the alpha cross ambiguity function (�-CAF) is introduced that exploits signal modulations with cyclostationary properties for jointly estimating time difference of arrival (TDOA), frequency difference of arrival (FDOA), and cyclic frequency (�) for spectrally, temporally, and spatially interfering signals arriving at two spatially separated receivers. The �-CAF parameter estimation algorithm is introduced along with an analysis of its performance compared to conventional 1-D and 2-D estimators.