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Perspective for high energy density studies using x-ray free electron lasers

By: Lee, R.W.; Nagler, B.; Zastrau, U.; Faustlin, R.; Vinko, S.; Whitcher, T.; Sobierajski, R.; Krzywinski, J.; Juha, L.; Nelson, A.; Bajt, S.; Bornath, T.; Burian, T.; Chalupsky, J.; Chapman, H.; Cihelka, J.; Doppner, T.; Dzelzainis, T.; Dusterer, S.; Fajardo, M.; Forster, E.; Fortmann, C.; Glenzer, S.H.; Gode, S.; Gregori, G.; Hajkova, V.; Heimann, P.; Jurek, M.; Khattak, F.; Khorsand, A.R.; Klinger, D.; Kozlova, M.; Laarmann, T.; Lee, H.; Meiwes-Broer, K.; Mercere, P.; Murphy, W.J.; Przystawik, A.; Redmer, R.; Reinholz, H.; Riley, D.; Ropke, G.; Saksl, K.; Thiele, R.; Tiggesbaumker, J.; Toleikis, S.; Tschentscher, T.; Uschmann, I.; Wark, J.S.;

2009 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-2617-1


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Perspective for high energy density studies using x-ray free electron lasers ' A general overview of the potential for both warm and hot dense matter research for the future will be presented. First, a discussion of the regime defined as relevant to warm dense matter will be attempted in terms of the underlying physical phenomena that define the field. Next a categorization of the facilities to be included in the perspective will be given. With this as background a series of schematic experiments will be discussed with respect to the facilities where they will be pursued. Comments on the interaction amongst the various experiments and between the various facilities will be outlined.