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Characterization of the fat content of beef using microwave techniques

By: Jacobs, G.; Haigh, A.; Parkinson, G.; Gibson, A.; Plunkett, A.; Ainsworth, P.; Ng, S.K.;

2007 / IEEE / 978-2-87487-001-9


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Characterization of the fat content of beef using microwave techniques ' The knowledge of fat content in food materials is important for public health and legal requirements such as food labelling. Although accurate chemical analysis methods are available, there is a demand for the rapid in-line and low-cost determination of fat content in food materials to provide a responsive control mechanism and efficient quality control system in food processes. The fat content of beef has been successfully and reliably determined using the microwave measurement methods. A dielectric probe method has proven useful for determining the complex permittivity over a wide frequency range and establishing frequencies at which further detailed analysis using a waveguide cell technique could be undertaken. The waveguide cell technique has been used to show a nearly linear relationship between complex permittivity and fat content of beef and the dependence of complex permittivity on temperature is less pronounced than that of the fat content.