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Design and Analysis of Cross Cage Dipole Antenna

By: Ahmed, M.M.; Ahmad, M.I.; Shah, I.U.;

2006 / IEEE / 1-4244-0514-9


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Design and Analysis of Cross Cage Dipole Antenna ' In this paper a numerical and analytical approach has been presented for the theoretical design and practical characterization of a wired cross cage dipole antenna. Using thin wire approximations a model for current distribution has been proposed that provides rapid solution convergence. Radiated far fields have been evolved using the current distribution which in result provides radiation intensity and gain. Based on the modeling, the antenna has been designed, using simulation tools, to determine the optimized values for wires in a cage, gain dependency over wires, cage diameter and end tilt angle (ETA) through number of experiments to achieve maximum gain and minimum deviation in the magnitude of impedance and phase of the cross cage dipole antenna. At the end of this paper practical results are presented through characterization of cross cage dipole antenna. A phasing line technique has been introduced to achieve a bandwidth of 17 MHz with a band center 51.5 MHz. The test results attained, i.e. 50 ¿ characteristic impedance and nearly isotropic radiation pattern of the two models shows the certification of design results.