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IP Onetime-Password Authentication Scheme over Insecure Data Channel

By: Miao Ma;

2005 / IEEE / 9783800729098


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' IP Onetime-Password Authentication Scheme over Insecure Data Channel ' In this paper, we propose an IP onetime-password authentication scheme over insecure data channel, for resource access control at an edge router. We assume a master secret key is pre-established between a legitimate end-host and an edge router. Prior to data transfer, a four-message-handshake scheme for setup is applied over insecure data channel, through which a legitimate end-host communicates the commitment of a one-way key chain (i.e., the rst key) with the ISP edge router. The legitimate end-host then uses the keys of the key chain as the onetime-passwords in the order reverse to the generation of these keys. The edge router, knowing the correct sequence of the valid onetime-passwords, veri es the received onetime-passwords and denies undesirable traf c to access the reserved network. The authentication scheme of IP onetime-password is secure even if an attacker can temper with and eavesdrop on the communication between end-host and edge router.