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Contactless microwave Hall effect transport in ZnSe

By: Annino, G.; Faralli, S.; Prati, E.; Martinelli, M.;

2003 / IEEE / 1-58053-834-7


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Contactless microwave Hall effect transport in ZnSe ' Quantum well 2DEG recent effects such as Bose-gas of excitons, quantum Hall related zero resistance and ultra low doped gases in III-V require high quality samples. The same physics could be replicated in II-VI compounds, but the control of the quality by transport characterization leads to difficulties related to the ohmic contacts. Measurements of the mobility of n-ZnSe samples have been performed by a contactless method at 20GHz by using a bimodal cavity resonator and a two-channel vector network analyzer. Values obtained for measured samples match with dc Hall measurements, towards an accurate determination of the mobility in quantum well II-VI based heterostructures, where the 2DEG lies.