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Studies and application of intense low-energy electron and ion beams

By: Koval, N.; Korovin, S.D.; Bugaev, S.P.; Sochugov, N.S.; Proskurovsky, D.I.; Oks, E.M.;

2003 / IEEE / 89-7868-617-6


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Studies and application of intense low-energy electron and ion beams ' This paper presents a review of results obtained at the Institute of High Current Electronics relevant to research and development of intense low-energy (< 200 keV) high-current electron and ion beam sources, powerful plasma sources and their application in technology. Considered are issues of charged particle beam production in vacuum diodes with explosive-emission cathodes, in plasma-filled diodes, diodes based on plasma emitters with low-pressure arcs and grid stabilization of plasma emitting surface, different versions of vacuum arc ion sources to produce multiple charged high current metal ion beams or mixed gaseous and metal ion beams, sources of broad beams of gaseous ions, and plasma guns based on glow-discharge hollow cathode with external electron injection, having wide pressure operation ranges and low discharge voltages. The paper also presents results of application of such beams for sterilization of powder materials, surface treatment, metal surface modification etc.