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Fuzzy based paths ordering algorithm in networks with imperfect QoS information

By: Last, M.; Korach, E.; Cohen, A.; Ohayon, R.;

2003 / IEEE / 0-7803-7661-7


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Fuzzy based paths ordering algorithm in networks with imperfect QoS information ' In this paper, we study the problem of path selection under additive QoS (quality of service) constraints, where the information available for making routing decisions is inaccurate. The goal of the path selection process is to identify a feasible path while minimizing the overall setup time required for establishing a successful connection. Under the assumption that a list of candidate paths already exists, we explore the fuzzy logic approach to minimize the overall setup time by finding an optimal preference order of the given paths. A simulation program was used to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm. In the simulation, we compare between the fuzzy logic approach and another approach suggested in the literature to solve a similar problem, where the main performance metric is the average setup time for successfully establishing a feasible connection. The results show that the fuzzy approach has a lower average setup time for establishing a connection than the existing approach.