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Parallelizing a DNA simulation code for the Cray MTA-2

By: Glaser, M.A.; Bokhari, S.H.; Van Zeghbroeck, B.; Sauer, J.R.; Lansac, Y.; Jordan, H.F.;

2002 / IEEE / 0-7695-1653-X


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Parallelizing a DNA simulation code for the Cray MTA-2 ' The Cray MTA-2 (Multithreaded Architecture) is an unusual parallel supercomputer that promises ease of use and high performance. We describe our experience on the MTA-2 with a molecular dynamics code, SIMU-MD, that we are using to simulate the translocation of DNA through a nanopore in a silicon based ultrafast sequencer. Our sequencer is constructed using standard VLSI technology and consists of a nanopore surrounded by field effect transistors (FETs). We propose to use the FETs to sense variations in charge as a DNA molecule translocates through the pore and thus differentiate between the four building block nucleotides of DNA. We were able to port SIMU-MD, a serial C code, to the MTA with only a modest effort and with good performance. Our porting process needed neither a parallelism support platform nor attention to the intimate details of parallel programming and interprocessor communication, as would have been the case with more conventional supercomputers.