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Predictive control of ventilating system driven by synchronous motor

By: Lianbing Li; Hexu Sun; Yan Dong;

2001 / IEEE / 0-7803-7233-6


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Predictive control of ventilating system driven by synchronous motor ' In this paper, a novel control method-multiple feedback predictive control is developed to apply to the ventilating system of a coal mine driven by a synchronous motor. The control strategy is proposed firstly for complex ventilating system as the cascaded industrial processes divided by a computer monitor system. It breaks the traditional control method of ventilating systems and avoids the problem of modeling for the complex system. Research results indicate that the new method can solve automation control of ventilating system on a coalmine and provides stronger robustness and better performance to reject the disturbance. The predictive control to electrical drive system of the ventilating system on a coal mine can solve one kind of control problem of complex industrial objects. It is more significant for modern production and ventilating safety.