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Beam quality issues for mid-infrared angled-grating distributed feedback lasers

By: Felix, C.L.; Bewley, W.W.; Jurkovic, M.J.; Bartolo, R.E.; Vurgaftman, I.; Meyer, J.R.; Manfra, M.J.; Turner, G.W.; Martinelli, R.U.; Lee, H.;

2001 / IEEE / 1-55752-662-1


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Beam quality issues for mid-infrared angled-grating distributed feedback lasers ' Summary form only given. Considerable effort has been expended to develop semiconductor lasers that simultaneously exhibit both high output power and good beam quality. A promising approach is the angled-grating distributed-feedback laser (/spl alpha/-DFB), in which a diffraction grating is etched into the laser cavity at an angle /spl theta/ with respect to the facets. We illustrate the /spl alpha/-DFB geometry alongside a simple broad-area Fabry-Perot laser configuration. Both the cavity facets and the grating are necessary to produce angular-selective optical feedback in the /spl alpha/-DFB laser. We recently reported the first /spl alpha/-DFB lasers emitting in the mid-IR. We discuss optically-pumped mid-IR (/spl lambda/=3.4, 4.6 /spl mu/m) /spl alpha/-DFB (/spl theta/= 16/spl deg/) lasers with antimonide type-II ""W"" active regions, which display near-diffraction-limited far-field characteristics for stripes as wide as 50 /spl mu/m.