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Klystron design method based on "one-dimensional" models of electron beam

By: Yakushkin, Ye.P.; Malykhin, A.V.;

1999 / IEEE / 5-7422-0083-8


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Klystron design method based on "one-dimensional" models of electron beam ' The peculiarities of klystron design based on "one-dimensional" electron beam models are considered. Electron device design on the basis of programs with the one-dimensional approach to charged particles motion equation results from insufficient up-to-date personal computer rating. Use of such an approach propounds a question about the attainable model precision while the devices with assigned output parameters should be designed. Computer program "KLYS-4.5" (interface version 4 and mathematical models version 5) had been worked out at SRBC "Toriy" and has been exploited longer than five years. This program allows one to calculate output parameters and characteristics of single- and multi-beam klystrons, that can contain input and output multi-linked filter systems, with one- and two-gap cavities having resonance frequencies lying in the ranges of the first and the second input signal harmonics.