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A dual mode log-periodic cavity-backed slot array

By: Ingerson, P.; Mayes, P.; Michielssen, E.; Lu, M.;

1999 / IEEE / 0-7803-5639-x


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' A dual mode log-periodic cavity-backed slot array ' The log-periodic cavity-backed slot array (LPCBSA) is a wideband antenna that exhibits several attractive characteristics: (i) its planar structure allows it to be flush mounted on a vehicle and (ii) it is relatively easy to feed the antenna through integration with a planar circuit. This paper proposes a dual mode LPCBSA (DM-LPCBSA) which constitutes a variation on the LPCBSA that enables monopulse direction finding while maintaining the above advantages of the LPCBSA. The basic idea underlying the DM-LPCBSA is similar to that for the dual mode log-periodic dipole array: two LPCBSAs are combined together into a superstructure that can operate in sum and difference modes. This DM-LPCBSA antenna is highly suitable for wideband target identification purposes.