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High gain GaAs photoconductive semiconductor switches: switch longevity

By: Brown, D.J.; Helgeson, W.D.; Denison, G.J.; O'Malley, M.W.; Hjalmarson, H.P.; Thornton, R.L.; Mar, A.; Zutavern, F.J.; Loubriel, G.M.; Baca, A.G.; Donaldson, R.M.;

1998 / IEEE / 0-7803-4244-5


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' High gain GaAs photoconductive semiconductor switches: switch longevity ' Optically activated, high gain GaAs switches are being tested for many different pulsed power applications that require long lifetime (longevity). The switches have p and n contact metallization (with intentional or unintentional dopants) configured in such a way as to produce p-i-n or n-i-n switches. The longevity of the switches is determined by circuit parameters and by the ability of the contacts to resist erosion. This paper will describe how the switches performed in test-beds designed to measure switch longevity. The best longevity was achieved with switches made with diffused contacts, achieving over 50 million pulses at 10 A and over 2 million pulses at 80 A.