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The hollow-cathode hot filament arc

By: Schanin, P.M.; Koval, N.N.; Borisov, D.P.;

1996 / IEEE / 0-7803-2906-6


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' The hollow-cathode hot filament arc ' A discharge system with a hot filament mounted inside a cylindrical hollow cathode designed to produce a low-pressure arc discharge is described together with the discharge characteristics. The combination of a hot filament and a hollow cathode allows a decrease in discharge operating voltage and a 3-4-fold increase in discharge current as compared to a configuration containing only a hot filament, without formation of a cathode spot. A discharge in argon with the pressure 1.5/spl times/10/sup -1/ Pa, the operating voltage 54 V, and the discharge current 90 A, produced plasma whose density in the central region of the working space (0.25 m/sup 3/) was 10/sup 10/ cm/sup -3/ with the plasma density distribution being uniform within /spl plusmn/20% of the average density. At a reduced pressure (/spl sim/10/sup -2/ Pa), under the conditions of hindered discharge operation, the floating potential in the plasma acquires values 20-30 V below that of the cathode. A plasma generator based on the above type of discharge was used for finishing the material surface before and during the process of plasma-assisted deposition of coatings.