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MultiNet: high-performance WDM interconnection architecture

By: Lee, K.Y.; Kannan, R.; Bartos, R.; Jordan, H.F.;

1995 / IEEE / 0-7803-2486-2


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' MultiNet: high-performance WDM interconnection architecture ' Propose MultiNet, a new optical WDM interconnection architecture based on a passive star coupler, for use in multiprocessor systems or as an ATM switch. It utilizes WDM for data transfer, and employs a novel addressing scheme which combines both WDM and TDM. For an N-node system, the addressing scheme using N wavelengths and N bit times provides an N/spl times/N address matrix. The addressing scheme together with a diffraction based passive wavelength demultiplexer at each node allows N transmissions encompassing all possible combinations of unicasts, multicasts, or broadcasts in a single network cycle. The addressing scheme is fully optical with a negligible overhead, and uses the same waveguides used for data transfer. The MultiNet architecture is also extended for scalability, which is achieved by grouping nodes and assigning a subset of available wavelengths to each group. The arbitration among nodes within a group is done with a new WDM based mechanism. Nodes require very simple logic, most of which can be easily implemented in optics.