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High-power millimeter-wave tubes

By: Grishin, B.S.; Zakurdayev, A.D.; Simonov, K.G.; Cherepenin, V.A.; Negirev, A.A.; Belyavsky, B.A.; Lopin, M.I.; Pobedonostev, A.S.;

1993 / IEEE / 0-7803-1209-0


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' High-power millimeter-wave tubes ' 8-mm and 3-mm high-power tubes have been developed. Two 8-mm-wavelength systems are examined: (1) a medium-power (tens of kilowatts) TWT (traveling wave tube) chain using PPM focusing and a low-gain 'see-through' final stage and (2) a three-beam 50-W CW (continuous-wave) klystron. In addition, a 2-kW CW TWT was developed for industrial heating. For higher powers an orotron-TWT (3-MW peak, 3-kW average power) has been developed. AT 3-mm wavelength, a pulsed klystron with 1.5-kW power output and 300-MHz bandwidth has been developed, and a 25-W CW TWT with an 800-MHz bandwidth was produced. For 36-1500 GHz, multiple-beam oscillator BWOs (backward wave tubes) with ribbon like beams which produce 40 to 2 mW of power have been developed.<>