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Higher-level modelling extensions to SPICE-like circuit simulators

By: Zuberek, W.M.;

1989 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Higher-level modelling extensions to SPICE-like circuit simulators ' Three different but complementary approaches to higher-level specification of analog circuits are proposed as a set of extensions to SPICE-like circuit simulators. They include table-driven, formula-driven, and program-driven generalized characteristics of (nonlinear) circuit elements and whole blocks. The table-driven approach is provided for experiment-oriented applications which use measurement data and predicted or estimated characteristics of some elements or blocks. The formula-driven approach is for theoretical studies in which flexibility of modifications of symbolic formulas is of primary interest. The program-driven approach is mainly for very demanding applications and for those users whose interest are in the integration of software tools and the exploration of new problems. Examples of SPICE-PAC enhancements are used to illustrate these approaches.<>