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Cancellation of Vibration-Induced Phase Noise in Optical Fibers

By: Nelson, C.W.; Hati, A.; Howe, D.A.; Ashby, N.; Taylor, J.;

2008 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Cancellation of Vibration-Induced Phase Noise in Optical Fibers ' Vibration causes mechanical distortions in optical fibers that induce phase fluctuations in the transmitted optical signal. Information encoded on the optical signal by modulation, such as in a radio-frequency (RF)-photonic link also degrades. A feed-forward correction technique is described that enables 20 dB or more cancellation of vibration-induced phase fluctuations in an optical fiber wound on a spool. The scheme is also applied to an optoelectronic oscillator (OEO). The OEO has emerged as an excellent low-noise source that rivals the best electronic RF oscillators over a broad range of offset frequencies. However, close-to-carrier spectral purity of an OEO is degraded mostly by the vibration-induced phase fluctuations in optical fibers when the temperature is held constant. Implementation of feed-forward phase correction in an OEO has shown improvement by almost an order of magnitude in the vibration sensitivity of the oscillator.