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Design of a Shape-Constrained Dual-Band Polygonal Monopole for Car Roof Mounting

By: Biffi Gentili, G.; Tesi, V.; Cerretelli, M.;

2008 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Design of a Shape-Constrained Dual-Band Polygonal Monopole for Car Roof Mounting ' This paper describes the design of a new compact dual-band roof antenna (which is capable of operating in both U.S. and European mobile telephone bands) for automotive applications. The flipper shape of the antenna and its dimensional constrains are chosen according to prevailing automotive market trends. The chosen basic geometry of the radiating element is a planar printed monopole structured as a vertical fan with two narrow strips folding toward the ground plane and etched on a low-cost, medium-permittivity thin substrate. The geometrical variations of the basic radiating structure are introduced afterward to constrain the antenna shape under the assigned profile and to allow easy integration of a small Global Positioning System patch antenna without affecting radiation and bandwidth performances. The integration of a matching network directly over the etched monopole trace allows a good input matching over the lower and upper operative bands to be obtained, slightly affecting the radiation efficiency of the whole antenna.