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Radiation damage and light transmission studies on air core light guides

By: Onel, Y.; Ayan, A.S.; Bruecken, P.; Akgun, U.; Schmidt, I.; Duru, F.; Mestvirishvili, A.; Gulmez, E.; Albayrak, E.A.; Olson, J.;

2006 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Radiation damage and light transmission studies on air core light guides ' This report summarizes the radiation damage and the light transmission efficiency studies done on air core light guides with three different types of reflective material: two types of aluminized Mylar and a highly reflective plastic film from 3M called Radiant Mirror Film. The variations in light transmission efficiencies of these reflective materials have been studied with respect to the wavelengths of the incident light. The light transmission with one type of aluminized Mylar, which shows better reflectivity in UV range, deteriorated 14% after 10 Mrad of /spl gamma/-ray irradiation from a 9.5 kCurie /sup 137/Cs source. Light guides with the other type of aluminized Mylar and Radiant Mirror Film do not seem to be affected from radiation, and they show superior light transmission efficiency in the visible region.