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Multiple-beam klystron amplifiers: performance parameters and development trends

By: Zhary, Y.V.; Gelvich, E.A.; Korolyov, A.N.; Poognin, V.I.; Zakurdayev, A.D.;

2004 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Multiple-beam klystron amplifiers: performance parameters and development trends ' This paper presents a description of multiple-beam klystrons (MBKs). The main material is based on experimental results and practical experience gained at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research and Production Corporation ""Istok,"" where MBK technology has been extensively developed and manufactured beginning in the 1960s. In addition to this material, some original ideas, designs, and experimental data from other enterprises are presented. Three classes of MBKs are discussed in detail: high-power, medium-power, and miniaturized devices. Features common to all MBK classes as well as the reasons constraining MBK parameters in comparison with the parameters of single-beam klystrons are also discussed. The principal characteristics of typical MBKs are presented and main application areas for different MBK types are considered. Finally, directions for further development of this branch of microwave amplifiers are discussed.