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High-voltage management in single-supply CHE NOR-type flash memories

By: Motta, I.; Micheloni, R.; Torelli, G.; Khouri, O.; Ragone, G.;

2003 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' High-voltage management in single-supply CHE NOR-type flash memories ' In a flash memory, a number of voltage levels different from V/sub DD/ are needed to perform the required operations (read, program, and erase) on the array cells. In the case of single-supply memory devices, voltages higher than V/sub DD/ as well as negative voltages, which are referred to as high voltages (HVs), must be produced on-chip. This paper aims at giving the reader an overview of how HVs are generated and managed in single-supply NOR-type flash memories programmed by channel hot-electron injection. Both schemes used for conventional (i.e., bilevel) memory devices and schemes designed to meet multilevel memory requirements are addressed.