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Contact flexible microstrip applicators (CFMA) in a range from microwaves up to short waves

By: Gelvich, E.A.; Mazokhin, V.N.;

2002 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Contact flexible microstrip applicators (CFMA) in a range from microwaves up to short waves ' Contact flexible microstrip applicator (CFMA) is a new light-weight microstrip applicator type for superficial and deep local hyperthermia. Typical specimens are developed for operation at frequencies of 434, 70, 40, and 27 MHz. The main common features of CFMA, namely, their flexibility and light weight, as well as their aperture dimensions slightly depend on the operating frequency. Two antenna types are used in CFMAs: inductive antennas with a radiating plane electrical dipole at microwaves, and coplanar capacitive antennas, providing depression of the normal component of the electrical field in the very high-frequency (VHF) and high-frequency (HF) range. The flexibility of the applicators enables one to conform them with curved surfaces. In a bent state of the applicators there arises a focusing effect of energy deposition in deeper located tissues due to linear polarization of the irradiated electromagnetic (EM) field, inherent in CFMA. All CFMA are integrated with silicon water boluses which serve as a matching element, so as a skin cooling agent. Due to this and to the predominance of the tangential electrical component in the radiated EM field, no fat overheating effects are noticed, as a rule. The aperture of the developed applicators overlap the range 160-630 cm/sup 2/ providing effective heating field sizes (EFSs) 64-400 cm/sup 2/, respectively. The most bulky CFMAs with an aperture of (21/spl times/29) cm/sup 2/ operating at the frequency of 434 MHz weigh 0.8 kg and 2.5 kg at 27 MHz. Phenomenological analysis of the radiating systems, as well as experimental evaluation of the applicators are presented. CFMAs operating at frequencies of 434 and 40 MHz are used in clinical practice. CFMA at 70 and 27 MHz are subjected to laboratory clinical investigations.