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Traditional and novel vacuum electron devices

By: Pobedonostsev, A.S.; Zaitsev, S.A.; Korolev, A.N.; Kargin, A.N.; Homich, V.B.; Poognin, V.I.; Golenitskij, I.I.; Negirev, A.A.; Gelvich, E.A.; Meleshkevich, P.M.; Lopin, M.I.; Zakurdayev, A.D.; Zhary, Y.V.;

2001 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Traditional and novel vacuum electron devices ' This paper describes some vacuum devices - including conventional and unique multibeam O-type amplifiers and oscillators in the microwave, millimeter wave, and submillimeter wavelength regions of the spectrum, and miniature injection locked M-type amplifiers. Main parameters and operational characteristics are presented. The paper includes a description of synthesis software, which uses ""trained"" analytical expressions. These codes enable the optimum electrical design and device geometry to be expeditiously determined during the first phase of development.