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High-power microwave-induced TM/sub 01/ plasma ring

By: Moreland, L.D.; Haworth, M.D.; Jordan, R.; Schamiloglu, E.; Roitman, A.M.; Pegel, I.V.;

1996 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' High-power microwave-induced TM/sub 01/ plasma ring ' Open-shutter photography was used to capture the air breakdown pattern induced by a TM/sub 01/ mode radiated by a high-power backward wave oscillator. The resultant plasma ring was formed in air adjacent to a conical horn antenna fitted with a membrane to keep the experiment under vacuum. This image was digitized and further processed using Khoros 2.0 software to obtain the dimensions of the plasma ring. This information was used in an air breakdown analysis to estimate the radiated power, and agrees within 10% with the power measured using field mapping with an open-ended WR-90 waveguide.