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Investigation of active antenna arrays at 60 GHz

By: McGinty, F.J.; Janton, W.M.; Bechtle, D.W.; Gilbert, D.B.; Fathy, A.E.; Butler, J.K.; Amantea, R.; Rosen, A.; Stabile, P.J.; Evans, G.A.;

1995 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Investigation of active antenna arrays at 60 GHz ' There has been a significant effort to develop millimeter-wave active-array antennas for communications and radar applications. A dielectric waveguide is a promising medium for this application. However, the integration of active devices, transmission media, and antennas has been difficult to achieve. This paper presents the first successful demonstration of a phase locked array of millimeter wave grating surface emitters (MMWGSE). We discuss three aspects of MMWGSE: (1) The achievement of an optically steered millimeter wave grating surface emitter. (2) The demonstration of a frequency locked array of millimeter wave grating surface emitters. (3) Rigorous analytical studies of efficiently coupling power from a millimeter wave semiconductor device, to a waveguide which incorporates grating surface emitters. This work leads to a full monolithic array using pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (PHEMT)-devices.<>