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World record HVDC submarine cables

By: Ilstad, E.;

1994 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' World record HVDC submarine cables ' On Oct. 1, 1993 a new 350 kV/440 MW HVDC cable was commissioned between Norway and Denmark. This 127 km-long, Skagerrak 3 cable was manufactured bv Alcatel Kabel Norge. It was installed at a record maximum sea depth of 530 m. During the summer of 1994 a 250 km-long, 450 kV/600 MW HVDC cable will be installed across the Baltic Sea from Sweden to Germany. This Baltic Cable, manufactured by ABB High Voltage Cables, will set a world record for voltage level, length and transmission capacity. The main benefit of these long-distance HVDC cables is an increased load exchange capacity between hydroelectric power stations in Norway and Sweden and various European thermal power systems.<>