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Restructuring WSI hexagonal processor arrays

By: Shin, K.G.; Mazumder, P.; Venkateswaran, R.;

1992 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Restructuring WSI hexagonal processor arrays ' A host-driven reconfiguration scheme, called HEX-REPAIR, is proposed for hexagonal processor arrays characterized by a large number of relatively simple cells. Such arrays have been shown to be the most efficient for many digital signal processing applications, such as matrix multiplication, and for some classes of filtering operations. Reconfiguration for these arrays is made difficult by the asymmetric nature of the interconnection network and the need for keeping the switching overheads at a minimum. The algorithm presented meets these requirements. In addition, it has excellent fault-coverage characteristics, even in the presence of multiple faults, and can accommodate multiple rows/columns of spare cells. The restructured array is transparent to users and no modification is required in any application program using the array.<>