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K-winner networks

By: Walker, R.; Brady, G.; Gottler, M.; Rothman, J.; Duane, G.; Anderson, C.; Mathis, D.; Wolfe, W.J.; Alaghband, G.;

1991 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' K-winner networks ' A special class of mutually inhibitory networks is analyzed, and parameters for reliable K-winner performance are presented. The network dynamics are modeled using interactive activation, and results are compared with the sigmoid model. For equal external inputs, network parameters that select the units with the larger initial activations (the network converges to the nearest stable state) are derived. Conversely, for equal initial activations, networks that select the units with larger external inputs (the network converges to the lowest energy stable state) are derived. When initial activations are mixed with external inputs, anomalous behavior results. These discrepancies are analyzed with several examples. Restrictions on initial states are derived which ensure accurate K-winner performance when unequal external inputs are used.<>