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Relativistic multiwave Cherenkov generators

By: Cherepenin, V.A.; Bugaev, S.P.; Slepkov, A.I.; Popov, V.A.; Koshelev, V.I.; Kopenkin, A.D.; Klimov, A.I.; Kanavets, V.I.;

1990 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Relativistic multiwave Cherenkov generators ' A review of research on relativistic multiwave Cherenkov generators (MWCGs) is provided. Presented is the linear theory of these devices, allowing a detailed description of the multiwave interaction of a relativistic electron beam with an electromagnetic field in an electrodynamic superdimensional MWCG system. The results of theoretical research on the starting parameters of generation, power flows, and the structure of the radiated field in a MWCG of a 3-cm-wavelength band are reported. The experiments on obtaining and investigating high-power pulses of microwave radiation in a MWCG of 3-cm- and 8-mm-wavelength bands are described. In particular, the results of research on a MWCG with the power of 15 GW in a 3-cm-wavelength band and the power of 3 GW in a 8-mm-wavelength band are presented. The results of research on the spatial and temporal coherence of such generator radiation are reported. The possibility of conversion of the MWCG wavefield into a linearly polarized one is discussed. The investigation of the processes associated with the generation of high-power microwave radiation in a MWCG is described.<>