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WN/sub x/ diodes on plasma-treated GaAs surfaces

By: Callegari, A.; Paccagnella, A.; Murakami, M.; Hovel, H.; Braslau, N.;

1989 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' WN/sub x/ diodes on plasma-treated GaAs surfaces ' The formation of WN/sub x/ Schottky diodes on GaAs surfaces with various interface conditions was investigated by performing H/sub 2/- and N/sub 2/-plasma treatments on GaAs surfaces prior to the WN/sub x/ film deposition. After annealing at 810 degrees C for 10 min, an improvement in the diode rectifying characteristics was generally observed, resulting from the thermal recovery of the sputtering and plasma-induced damage. The maximum Phi /sup I-V/=0.76 eV was obtained for the H/sub 2/-plasma-treated diodes. Samples with an N/sub 2/-plasma-treated interface showed a reduced barrier height and a higher ideality factor with corresponding nonlinearity in the C-V curves due to the presence of a high density of interfacial states.<>