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5.2-GHz bandwidth monolithic GaAs optoelectronic receiver

By: Harder, C.S.; Vettiger, P.; Patrick, W.; Meier, H.; Van Zeghbroeck, B.;

1988 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' 5.2-GHz bandwidth monolithic GaAs optoelectronic receiver ' A high-speed monolithic optoelectronic receiver consisting of a photodetector, a transimpedance amplifier and a 50- Omega output buffer stage has been fabricated using an enhancement/depletion 0.35- mu m recessed-gate GaAs MESFET process. The interdigitated metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector has a dark current of 0.8 nA, a responsivity of 0.2 A/W, and a capacitance of 12 fF. The bandwidth of the receiver is 5.2 GHz with an effective transimpedance of 300 Omega into a 50- Omega load, which corresponds to a transimpedance bandwidth product of 1.5 THz- Omega .<>