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Carrier Tracking by Smoothing Filter Improves Symbol SNR

By: Hurd, W.J.; Pomalaza-Raez, C.A.;

1986 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Carrier Tracking by Smoothing Filter Improves Symbol SNR ' The potential benefit of using a smoothing filter to estimate a carrier phase over use of phase-locked loops (PLL) is determined. Numerical results are presented for the performance of three possible configurations of an all-digital coherent demodulation receiver. These are residual carrier PLL, sideband-aided residual carrier PLL, and finally sideband aided with Kalman smoother. The average symbol SNR after losses due to carrier phase estimation is computed for different total power SNRs, symbol rates, and symbol SNRs. It is found that smoothing is most beneficial for low symbol SNRs and low symbol rates. Smoothing gains up to 0.7 dB over sideband-aided residual carrier PLL, and the combined benefit of smoothing and sideband aiding relative to residual carrier loop is often in excess of 1 dB.