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An Experimental Gyro-TWT

By: Jory, H.R.; Symons, R.S.; Ferguson, P.E.; Hegji, S.J.;

1981 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' An Experimental Gyro-TWT ' Three experimental gyro traveling wave tubes (TWT'S) have been built and tested. All tubes used a fundamental cyclotron resonance interaction with the circularly polarized TE/sup 0/sub 11/ dominant waveguide mode. The tubes differed in the length of the single circuit section and in the amount of distributed loss used. The experiments were conducted at 5 GHz, with the object of producing a design that could be scaled to 94 GHz. Results on the third experiment include measurements of stable gain as high as 24 dB small signal and 18 dB saturated. A saturated power output of 120 kW at a total beam efficiency of 26 percent was measured with a 3-dB saturated power output bandwidth of 6 percent. The design features of the tubes and the experimental results are described fully.