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Spatially resolved 3D micro-XANES by a confocal detection scheme

By: Frank E. Brenker; Tom Schoonjans; Sylvia Schmitz; Sergey Nikitenko; Bart Vekemans; Geert Silversmit; Laszlo Vincze;

2010 / RSC Publishing


A confocal setup based on polycapillary half-lenses was used to demonstrate three-dimensional (3D) spatially resolved -XANES in fluorescence detection mode at the DUBBLE XAS station of the ESRF (BM26A). The incoming beam was focused using a polycapillary half-lens and a second glass polycapillary was placed in front of the energy dispersive detector to establish the confocal detection. The full-width-half-maxima along the main axes of the resulting ellipsoidal detection volume were 18.5 × 12.0 × 10.0 m3 at the Cu K-edge. The confocal -XANES mode is applied in the 3D resolved study of mineral inclusions in rare natural diamonds at the Fe K edge. This material was originally published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.