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An Optical System for Body Imaging from a Distance Using Near-TeraHertz Frequencies

By: W. Duncan; R. Schwall; K. Irwin; J. Beall; C. Reintsema; William Doriese; Hsiao-Mei Cho; Brian Estey; Goutam Chattopadhyay; Peter Ade; Carole Tucker;

2008 / Springer Science+Business Media / 0022-2291


We present the outline of the optical design of a TeraHertz (THz) imager for the detection of shrapnel-loaded improvised explosive devices (IED) devices at “stand-off” distances of 14–26 meters. The system will use 4 antenna-coupled TES detector arrays of 16 by 16 pixels cooled in a cryogen-free system with microwave readout to see beneath clothing at non-lethal detonation distances. A spatial resolution of ∼10 mm and close to video frame rates is anticipated.