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The generalized oscillator strengths of hydrogenlike ions in Debye plasmas

By: Y. Y. Qi; Y. Wu; J. G. Wang; Y. Z. Qu;

2009 / American Institute of Physics


Plasma screening effects on the high-energy electron-impact excitation of hydrogenlike ions are investigated under the first Born approximation. The screening interactions are described by the DebyeHückel model, and the wave functions are calculated numerically in a symplectic scheme. The generalized oscillator strengths (GOS) for transitions between the principal quantum number n}3 bound states are presented, and as an example, the scaled differential cross sections and total cross sections for 1s’2s and 2p and 2s’2p transitions are also given. It is found that the plasma screening interactions reduce the GOS for transitions between the states with different n and increase the GOS between the states with same n. The differential and total cross sections are decreased as the screening interactions increase.

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