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Photoionization of Li and radiative recombination of Li+ in Debye plasmas

By: Y. Y. Qi; Y. Wu; J. G. Wang;

2009 / American Institute of Physics


The photoionization cross sections in the photoelectron energy below 2 Ry are calculated for the ground and nd4 excited states of Li embedded in plasma environments and the radiative-recombination (RR) rate coefficients for Li+ were presented for temperature T=10032000K in a wide range of plasma parameters. The plasma screening interaction is described by the DebyeHückel model and the energy levels and wave functions including both the bound and continuum states are calculated by solving the Schrödinger equation numerically in a symplectic integration scheme. The screening of Coulomb interactions remarkably changes the photoionization cross sections near the ionization threshold, and especially for the ns states, the Cooper minimum is uncovered and shifted to the higher energy as the screening interaction increases. The RR rate coefficients at low temperature have a complex variation on the Debye lengths; whereas at higher temperature the RR rate coefficients decrease with the increasing of screening effects. Comparison of present results with those of other authors when available is made.

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