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Neutron detectors for LAMPS experiments at RAON

By: Lee, K. S.; Ahn, J. K.; Shin, T. S.; Mulilo, B.; Lee, S. K.; Lee, K. S.; Lee, J. W.; Lee, H.; Kim, Y. K.; Kim, Y. J.; Go, Y.; Hong, B.; Joo, E.; Kim, E. J.; Kim, H. H.;

2013 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Conference - 2013 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (2013 NSS/MIC) - Measurement of neutrons with high efficiency and large acceptance is essential to study the properties of neutron-rich nuclei using the Large Acceptance Multipurpose Spectrometer (LAMPS) at the rare-isotope beam facility, RAON, in Korea. Here, we propose two plastic-scintillator base detectors for the neutron measurement: a bar-type detector for high-energy and a pixel-type detector for low-energy experiments. Intensive R&Ds for the LAMPS neutron detectors have been addressed to achieve the reliable detector performance required for symmetry-energy researches for neutron-rich nuclei in large neutron-proton asymmetry. In this report, we present the conceptual designs for the LAMPS neutron detectors and the test results for two prototype detector modules with a 5-µCi 252Cf and 10-µCi 60Co sources.