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Development and Validation of the Electron Slot Region Radiation Environment Model

By: Daglis, I. A.; Sandberg, I.; Nieminen, P.; Evans, H.; Hands, A.; Truscott, P.; Heynderickx, D.;

2014 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Transaction - Nuclear Engineering - In this work we present the development of the electron Slot Region Radiation Environment Model (e-SRREM). e-SRREM is a data-based statistical model which has been built on fifteen years of electron flux measurements. The model describes the trapped electron radiation in a region that includes the slot region between the inner and the outer electron radiation belts. The model provides energetic electron fluxes with their uncertainties determined by confidence levels for user-defined mission orbit and duration. First comparisons of e-SRREM with the AE8 and International Radiation Environment Near Earth (IRENE) AE9 models show that the aforementioned models underestimate the electron flux levels along highly elliptic orbit that crosses the slot region. Extensive testings and comparisons will follow in future work.