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A Continuous Viewing Angle Controllable Blue Phase Liquid Crystal Display

By: Li, Y.; Ma, H.; Li, P.; Zhao, Y.; Sun, Y.;

2014 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Journal - Photonics and Electrooptics - In this paper, a blue phase liquid crystal display with fringe-field electrodes in the bottom substrate and a plane common electrode in the top substrate is proposed. For the wide viewing mode, the contrast ratio is above 1000:1 in most all directions; for the narrow viewing angle controllable mode, the high contrast ratio (above 500:1) can be hold in a narrow viewing area. The viewing angle changes continuously and uniformly from very wide viewing angle to narrow viewing angle when the top common electrode applies variable bias voltages. Moreover, the effect of permittivity of the insulation layer which is between the liquid crystal and pixel electrodes is researched, the results show that the insulation layer with high permittivity can obviously reduce the operating voltage.