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Accurate Fast Capacitance Measurements for Reliable Device Characterization

By: Ryan, J.T.; Campbell, J.P.; Cheung, K.P.; Shrestha, P.R.; Baumgart, H.;

2014 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Transaction - Components, Circuits, Devices and Systems - The performance and reliability of highly scaled devices are becoming increasingly dominated by transient phenomena. Recently, fast capacitances versus voltage (CV) measurements have been gaining attention as a promising measurement tool to characterize the transient phenomena. However, fast CV has mainly been limited to monitoring stress-induced deviations in accumulation capacitance due, at least in part, to the inability to accurately measure the full CV. In this paper, we identify and mitigate the measurement considerations required to obtain a remarkably accurate correspondence between a complete fast CV measurement, from accumulation to inversion, and a conventional CV measurement on the same device. The results indicate that fast CV can be a potentially powerful tool for device characterization and reliability measurements.