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End-to-End Communication Delay Analysis in Industrial Wireless Networks

By: Chen, Y.; Lu, C.; Xu, Y.; Saifullah, A.;

2015 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Transaction - Computing and Processing - WirelessHART is a new standard specifically designed for real-time and reliable communication between sensor and actuator devices for industrial process monitoring and control applications. End-to-end communication delay analysis for WirelessHART networks is required to determine the schedulability of real-time data flows from sensors to actuators for the purpose of acceptance test or workload adjustment in response to network dynamics. In this paper, we consider a network model based on WirelessHART, and map the scheduling of real-time periodic data flows in the network to real-time multiprocessor scheduling. We then exploit the response time analysis for multiprocessor scheduling and propose a novel method for the delay analysis that establishes an upper bound of the end-to-end communication delay of each real-time flow in the network. Simulation studies based on both random topologies and real network topologies of a 74 -node physical wireless sensor network testbed demonstrate that our analysis provides safe and reasonably tight upper bounds of the end-to-end delays of real-time flows, and hence enables effective schedulability tests for WirelessHART networks.